Upload an image… get a mosaic art!

Have you bought a new house? Or maybe you are eventually renovating interior? Or just that empty spot on wall is anoying you? Anyway, think what makes interior superb. We believe that art does. And unique art makes interior unique. If you think so, we are happy to help you with that! Are you ready?

1. Upload

Login into your account and create a new mosaic. Then choose an original image for that mosaic and upload it.

2. Crop

Then you can optionally crop uploaded image to some particular area to create desired aspect ratio of the mosaic.

3. Resize

Choose size of your mosaic. If aspect ratio isn't sufficient for you, you can return to previous step and change crop area.

4. Customize

You also can adjust brightness and contrast of the image, apply some visual effects on it, chose mosaic's frame color.

5. Pay

Yes, arts cost money. Hand made arts cost a bit more. Well, we do make unique arts for you. Does it worth your money?

6. Assemble

Here's all the magic happens. Depending on mosaic size it takes upto few weeks. You can always see progress online.

7. Delivery

Delivery cost depends on mosaic's size (weight) and distance from Netherlands. Please contact us with any questions.

8. Install

Delivered mosaic consists of 16x16 cm. blocks like a regular tile. You can also read some installation tips & tricks .

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