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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These are the general terms and conditions of referred to as “”, “we”, or “us”. These general terms and conditions are referred to as “T&C’s”. is located in Lotusbloemweg 117, 1338ZC, Almere, Netherlands. We are registered with the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number XXXXXXXX (TBD). Our VAT number is NL.XXXX.XX.XXX.XXX (TBD).

The word “customer” or “you” is defined in these T&C’s as the person who uses our website, registers and uses an account, uses our photo editor and other services, purchases our products, requests for information or shows an interest in our products.

You may reach us through our customer care department. You may send us an email through our website, use Facebook or Twitter to contact us, or call us. All our contact information is easily accessible on our website

2. Applicability

These T&C’s apply to the use of our website, to the registration and use of an account, to the use of our photo editor and other services, to all our offers, to the orders you place and to the agreements and other legal relationships entered into between us and you. These T&C’s also apply to subsequent and additional offers, orders and agreements, and to new agreements with you.

When registering for an account on our website, you are informed that by doing so you accept the T&C’s. When placing an order, you are also informed that by doing so you accept the T&C’s. In both cases the T&C’s are available to you for review where you will also find an option to print them for later examination.

These T&C’s are easily electronically accessible on our website. Upon request they will be sent to you without delay and at no cost.

3. Formation of the agreement

Offers are made without obligation.

Our offers are presented to you in our online order process, or in other ways identified by us as such, on the basis of your specific request. General offers on our website, in our emails and in promotional materials are for information purposes only and are not considered as offers.

You may accept our offer by making payment in the order process. Upon receipt of your payment your order is placed and the agreement is formed, on the condition precedent that the upload of your photo was successful. All orders are subject to our T&C’s.

We shall confirm receipt of your order to you by email immediately.

4. Performance of the agreement and delivery

We will immediately start the performance of the agreement upon its formation by processing your order.

It is our intention to start the production of your order on the workday following the day the agreement was formed. Our website contains information on estimated delivery times for each of our products and these may differ depending on the time of the year, as holiday seasons or other circumstances may affect the time required to process orders in our production facilities. Delivery terms are not to be considered fatal terms and we can offer best efforts only to deliver the products that you ordered as soon as possible.

In case you order more than one product at once, we may ship them together in one package. In that case the longest delivery time applies.

Orders are delivered by ordinary mail or carrier unless you choose pickup order by your own.

5. Prices and payment

Prices on our website, in our emails and in promotional materials are for information purposes only and may differ from time to time.

Prices are including VAT where applicable and excluding shipping costs and any applicable import duties, levies and taxes.

The price of your particular order and the shipping costs are shown in the order process as part of our offer, which you accept by making payment, the final step in our order process. The shipping costs do not include any applicable import duties, levies and taxes, nor can we give any information about these, as they are charged by the country of your shipping address. We advise to consult your local customs office for information.

We regularly offer discount codes and promotions to our customers. Specific terms and conditions apply. In case of expiration of a discount code, the regular prices apply.

Our website contains information about the various payment methods that are available to our customers. As noted above, you place your order by making payment in our order process. Upon receipt of the payment, the agreement is formed on the condition precedent that the upload of your photo was successful. Once we’ve received your payment, we send you a confirmation by email.

6. No right of withdrawal

As our products are made to the customer’s (consumer’s) specifications or are clearly personalised, our customers do not have a right of withdrawal with regard to the agreement.

7. Conformity and complaints


Color sync
Outdor installation (untested, UV, temperature)
Floor installation (epoxy laque?)
URL on mosaic
Wall is in bad condition if mosaic removed
Tiles are NOT very strong (scratches)
Non submitted mosaics will be deleted after 60 days
Tiles can be washed but without any strong chemicals (like acetone, etc.)

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