Render your best moments into amazing mosaic arts

You start thinking about refreshing interior and looking for something really unique? Or maybe you're just moved to a new location? Or just this an empty spot on the wall bothers you? is a service which helps you to reveal another side of your creativity. And your "WOW!" is in a few steps away from you!


Upload a photo of your best moment which you wish to see on your wall as a mosaic art. As far as it's a mosaic there's no need to use high resolution image. More over, the server has a limitation on maximum length of a file to be uploaded to.


Sometimes there's something on photos we would like to cut off. Or maybe something what we love most. You can easily crop your uploaded image to make mosaic more attractive. Or you can just skip this step if your photo is simple perfect.


It's a kind of tricky task to resize the wall, right? Instead, you can set desired dimensions of your mosaic! By combining crop and resize options you can achieve an ideal aspect ratio and size of your mosaic art. You can navigate between steps.


If you wish to add even more uniqueness to your mosaic art then you can apply some more visual effects on it ... and even get some discounts then. Also, you can customize a color of the edge of your mosaic to fit to your environment best.


When you done with customizing your new mosaic art you will be redirected to payment processing web site where you have to pay for the mosaic. A price you will pay depends on size of the mosaic and discounts for applying some effects.


After we've received your payment we will start to assemble your mosaic. How long it take depends on size of the mosaic and number of colors in it and usually takes up to 4 weeks. You can always see assembling progress online on our site.


Finally your mosaic is done and we will send it to you. Currently, we can only deliver to several western Europe countries. Please contact us directly by email if your country is not in the list of countries where we can deliver to.


Installation of the mosaic is pretty simple as any other types of tiles are. Just in case you need more guidance here is installation tips & tricks which can help you. You can always see your mosaic layout online on our site.

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